John Sanday Associates Pvt. Ltd (JSA) formerly known as John Sanday Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1985 to meet the needs of appropriate design for construction in Nepal. The company’s conservation vision was born out of John Sanday’s long-standing involvement with the conservation and repair of Nepal’s traditional and historic architecture. The vision broadened to encompass architectural design, seismic engineering and maintenance projects.

JSA, a Nepalese registered company with foreign and local partners, incorporates a team of both Nepalese and expatriate architects and engineers dedicated to the creation and maintenance of a harmonious environment.

Throughout the fast changing region of South Asia there is a growing awareness for the urgent need to conserve or reclaim environmental quality and cultural identity while still moving towards national development. JSA views each project in its full social, environmental and cultural context. Whether addressing the needs of urban commercial clients, rural institutional development or cultural heritage conservation, JSA’s approach is to frame the client’s requirements within the larger perspective before individual solutions are developed.

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